This Privacy Policy was last updated during April 2019 and is designed to illistrate how OutsourceQA intends to use and protect any sensitive information that is provided by yourselves during and after contact.


OutsourceQA is devoted to ensuring that your personal information is protected to full extent. All information is kept secure in order to protect any unauthorised access or breaches. If any information is requested from yourselves during contact or through the use of this website then you can be reassured that it will follow all the rules of this Privacy Policy. If the Policy changes at any time for whatever reason, any updates can be found on this page, you also have the right to be made aware of any information that we hold with regards to yourselves. If you are unhappy or unsure about any of the points listed below then please Contact us to discuss further.


Information that may be gathered includes

– Name and/ or Business Name and/ or Trading Name

– Preferences and Interests e.g. Contact Preferences, Service Interests etc.

– Contact Information

– Payment Information


The above sources of information are kept for Contact purposes and also to aid us in providing the best customer service and services possible, we may decide to gather information in other ways such as customer feedback forms, general public surveys etc. After you have used our services you may or may not be contacted afterwards for a review of the service, alternatively you may be sent a customer feedback or a follow up form, either way you may opt out if you do not wish to be contacted afterwards. If you have previously used one of our services and we have an offer available then your Contact information may be used to make you aware of the offer available, this again can be opted out of if we are made aware.


In accordance to the law, we do not intend in selling or providing any third party bodys with your information unless you give consent.


The majority of the links in our website are internal, meaning they will only lead to another page which is already on our website, the only links which may lead you to external pages can be found on the Contact page. If you find yourself redirected to another website without using the links stated previously then this may mean that the link is broken. We cannot be held accountable for any Privacy issues whilst visiting other sites via our website such as Twitter or Email as we have no control over these external websites.


When you decide to use one of our services, all payment information will be kept confidential and secure like all other sensitive information provided by yourselves. Payments made via credit/ debit card or PayPal will be accepted, cash will NOT be an available payment option.


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